With over 35 years of thermoforming knowledge and experience, Propak Plastics is a leader in its field. Propak offers a wide range of services from planning, design, prototyping and tooling to final production. Our goal is to provide optimized solutions that are cost effective for our customers.

PLANNING Our experienced and imaginative team will work with you to create a custom designed and innovative packaging or display solution that will meet all your requirements. We will discuss alternate solutions, functionality, deadlines, alternative materials, and shipment options.

DRAWINGS-DESIGN  The next stage is to prepare a rendered design or an AUTOCAD drawing that will provide a visual of the final product that will be submitted for your approval. 

PROTOTYPING  Our experienced and capable tooling engineers will work with the concept and transform it into a solid quality prototype for you to fully examine, test and approve before production is initiated.

TOOLING - The approved prototype master is then used to engineer a quality epoxy or aluminum mold for the production of your product.  We pride ourselves on our in-house expertise and prompt fabrication of your custom design mold.

PRODUCTION - Our quality assurance processes are based on ISO 9001-2000 to ensure that each production run is of a consistent quality. With our fully automated thermoforming machines we are able to deliver your product accurately, efficiently and on time.  The result is a better plastic thermoformed product delivered on time with lower costs to you, the customer.


  • CNC routing: 4' x 8' and 4' x 10'

  • Sonic sealing: Multiple station, 10' Rotary 10,000 watt

  • Custom fulfillment

  • Hot stamping: (20x 12 and 36 Rotary)

  • Silk screening: 5 color conventional and UV

  • Assembly department (not only limited to our custom display division)

  • Heat bending: Multiple bends up to 8 on materials such as PETG, HIPS, Acrylic, ABS


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